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Design is where purpose, strategy, and art collide


Are you confusing your target audience?

Are you giving them clarity about who you are and what you're about?

Where do you spend your energy growing your business? Is it working?

Our Creative Team Makes It Happen

Coral Abood, Willow Tree Founder and Creative Director, has cultivated the perfect collaboration of design, marketing, and business strategists to tell your brand story with clarity, power, and creative distinction.

For 20 years in the greater Louisville area, we have guided companies to successfully reach their internal growth goals and increase their consumer trust.

Find out how our personalized coaching and design workflow gives our clients a fresh voice that connects with their target customers and builds confidence inside their company. Let’s help fill in the gaps of what's needed to build success around your concept.



Services include  

Visual Branding | Brand Voice | Digital Strategy & Content | Copy Editing | Vlog Strategy

We offer a FREE Brand Design consultation. Contact to see what we can do for you.



Coral Abood



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